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21 mai 2010 5 21 /05 /mai /2010 13:08

Il y a quelques semaines, le journaliste philippin Sherwin Lao a publié un article  sur les politiciens en lice pour l'élection  dans son pays, en démarrant chaque portrait par un "s'il était un vin...", et voici sa vision de Manny Villar :


"The most visible and most audible (the jingle is incredibly catchy) presidential candidate was born Manuel `Manny’ Bamba Villar, Jr.. I see Sen. Villar as a Chateau Valandraud, one of the original `Garagistes’ wines that caught the attention of the wine world in the mid 1990s. Garagistes refers the vintners in Bordeaux that produce `Vins de garage’ or garage wines. Chateau Valandraud was founded in a 1 hectare plot in Saint-Emilion, left bank Bordeaux. With very modest capital and no money for equipments, Chateau Valandraud started making wines the primitive way—by hands and feet in their garage. The dedicated and very hands-on labor end up producing very low yield wines of incredible bold flavors and depth. Chateau Valandraud rated extremely high on the demigod Robert Parker rating scale, and fetch prices comparable to the classified grand cru Saint Emilions. This is like a Villar rags-to-riches fairy tale story! From very humble beginnings of living in depressed Tondo, Manny soared to become a billionaire real estate mogul. I recently tasted a Chateau Valandraud 1996 vintage courtesy of my friend Romy Sia of Wine Story, and the wine was superb!"

In Manila Standard Today  20/04/2010


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